Monday, May 12, 2008

RANWW - Cellular One customers

If you're a Cellular One (now AT&T) customer wishing to use the text message feature of BAS, be sure to leave the text message carrier setting on "Cellular One". While AT&T recently purchased Cellular One and it would seem logical that you could use the "AT&T" carrier setting, that won't work and you won't receive text messages from BAS.

We have no explanation why this is the case and it may change in the future. If we hear of any changes to this, we'll let you know on the blog.


Judi said...

I only have one question.... Do you mean Cingular? I have ATT and they bought Cingular, and I just want to make sure it is the same. said...

Cingular as well since AT&T purchased them along with Cellular One (which was a midwest cell provider)

Anonymous said...

cellular one on the rez is a piece of shit and why do they have customer services when all they do is say go to the store and they are greedy