Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Enhancement to 1 day calendar

We've enhanced the 1 day calendar (for both agents and office staff) to show the appointment details directly below the appointment instead of the bottom of the screen. You can also open multiple appointments on the 1 day calendar if needed. This is another example of an enhancement request from one of our members!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Agents - Setting up multiple showings?

We've added a small enhancement that makes setting up multiple showing appointments (up to 10) a little faster. Now when you choose a client from your existing client list, the rest of the showings will populate with the same client to save you a few clicks. The same thing applies to the date field on the first showing - it will populate all the other dates to be the same.

If you have already selected a client or date in one of the showing appointment requests, it will not get overwritten. With this new enhancement combined with the ability to save showing defaults, you can setup showings in seconds!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New: Prioritize Client Phone Numbers (1)

We've added the ability to "prioritize" client phone numbers in When you are editing a client's phone number, there is a new small drop down box where you can choose the phone number priority (1 - 6). The number you choose will display next to the client's phone number whenever it is displayed.

Example below

Cell Phone: 111-222-3333 (1) -> indicates a priority of 1 for this phone number

Of course, you can leave this new option blank and it won't add any priority numbers to your client's phone numbers.

This new option came as a recommendation from one of our customers - if you have your own idea for an enhancement - let us know!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

New Agent Phonebook Available

We've added a new MLS member search to BAS called Phonebook. It's available by clicking the Phonebook link next to the navigation menu at the top of your BAS screen. You can search for first names, last names, or both.

Be sure to try different variations of common names (Mike, Michael, Dave, David, etc) if you are having trouble finding the person you are looking for.

Web browser running slowly?

We get calls from people occasionally asking us why their web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc) is "running slow" ( is a web based application). Most people seem to forget that occasionally you must "clean" out your temporary internet files (pictures and stuff). As you browse the internet, your computer keeps a copy of many of the things you see on the screen. Clearing this saved information can speed up your Internet experience.

There are lots of resources on how to do this but generally you'd find the options/preferences area of your Internet browser and tackle it from there.

The other question people ask commonly is whether they should delete "cookies". Cookies and temporary internet files are not the same and can be erased separately. If you want your Internet browser to remember your username and passwords for websites you visit for example, then don't delete your cookies. But it never hurts to delete them if you are still experiencing a slow browser.