Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Waterfront search option now available in MLS reports (via BAS)

We've added a waterfront search option to the new MLS reports available to all agents in The options are "Y" to search only waterfront properties, "N" to search all properties that aren't on the water, and "All" which includes both (and is the default option).

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Make sure you receive BAS e-mails

We've put together some instructions for anyone having trouble with BAS emails being treated as spam or other email delivery problems. If you've tried what we've outlined in the PDF file and are still having email problems, call or e-mail us and we'll try to help you.

Also, we're still having occasional trouble with Cellular One and their text messaging system. If you using Cellular One then you may not receive your BAS text messages.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Capture website showing leads

Did you know you can capture showing leads from potential (and current) buyers from your own website with This feature is currently being used by several agencies around Eau Claire with great success. All we have to do is give you some HTML code for your website that your website developers insert into your existing website. Then you can start capturing leads directly into!

A couple nice features:

1. Convert to showing button - save having to enter your clients info, date, time, etc
2. Buyers enter their own contact information
3. Buyers can login and see what they've requested, what's been setup, get maps to showings, and more

To find out how you can get this for your own website, call 800-826-7155 or email us!

Changes to Client page

We've made a small change to the clients page to make it more user friendly to see your clients information, edit your clients details (email, phone, password, etc), and delete a client (although you never need to delete). Think about procuring cause in this case too, if you delete a client - you lose the ability to see/prove what you've shown them!

Here's a quick screenshot of the new changes that we made including the new view/edit/delete links on the Clients page in

Edit Client Screenshot

We've also added the ability to search for a client by first or last name and we've set it up so if you edit your clients information, it won't close on you.

If you do accidentially delete a client, just let us know and we'll magically make them reappear. Call or email us and we'll help.

Coming Soon for Clients: Text message showing notifications!

Cellular one text messages

We've been having some issues over the last few weeks with sending text messages to Cellular one customers (and only Cellular One). We have contacted Cellular One and their e-mail provider for help and we don't get very fast responses from them. The network engineers at our computer datacenter have assured me it is a problem beyond our control. We apologize for the inconvenience and we're working on getting this resolved as soon as possible.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Adding your buyers and sellers to BAS

Adding your buyers and sellers into can help both you and them. For example, you can:

1. Notify sellers via email for every showing appointment (automically) - and they can approve them online!

2. Sellers can get a copy of every feedback request that is sent back to you via BAS - in real time.

3. Buyers can get notified via email for their upcoming showing appts complete with a map link (via Google) to each property

4. Procuring cause - you have a permanent record of what you showed to who and when.

5. Buyers and sellers have their own login accounts (auto created for them when you add them) to see their showings and feedback and they can run their own listing reports

There's a host of other features for buyers and sellers that is included with If you are a buyer and seller and your agent/office is not using BAS - ask them too!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A better web browser

The team at recommends the Firefox browser for all around better Internet surfing. Its a direct replacement for Internet Explorer (IE) but its so much better.

New Features including advertising tracking

We've added the ability for Agents and Staff to track the advertising for your listings! Simply go through the steps of setting up an appt. on a listing at the time the advertising is to occur and select "Advertising" from the drop down list next to SHOWING TYPE. Add the details of the advertising into the "Agent notes" text box. Click Save!

To see the advertising activity, just run a listing report for any particular listing. You can even filter your search to just see Ad info too.

Even your sellers can see their activity anytime they want. When adding your Seller and their email into BAS, you can attach them to a property by clicking the LISTINGS tab and then using the edit icon (the wrench). This allows your seller the ability to log in to their own account and check any activity on their listing... including showings, feedback, and now advertising.

Over the weekend we also added some big features to the staff areas of BAS and today we made some minor tweaks including:

1. Modified listing reports to include the new advertising appt. types
2. Auto expanding text boxes - now you're able to see everything you're typing in the notes
3. Enhanced the client login areas (did you know ALL your clients can login and see their activity if you want them too?)

Questions about this or any other features of BAS? Let us know!

New method for announcing website changes

We've decided to utilize this blog for any changes made to the application. Such things as bug fixes, improvements, new features, etc will be a part of this blog from now on. Check back often if you really like to know whats latest and greatest with BAS!


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