Saturday, March 31, 2007

Welcome SCAAR Members!

Starting Sunday, April 1st, the St Cloud Area Association of Realtors (SCAAR) has chosen as the system to manage showing appointments and showing feedback for their association members. We would like to welcome all members of the SCAAR and encourage them to contact us if they have any questions.

Training is being offered for SCAAR members on April 2nd and 3rd and video tutorials are also available. has also worked with FlexMLS to incorporate our showing system into their MLS system. This will allow for quick and easy to from your FlexMLS account. A video tutorial is available for a quick demonstration of how this works and this will be covered in the training sessions as well.

SCAAR members, don't forget you can access all of your information on the go with BAS Mobile!

Monday, March 26, 2007

BAS Mobile now available! (BAS) Mobile is now available for all members of You can access all of your information from any internet enabled mobile device including Blackberrys, Treos, Pocket PC/Smartphones, and mobile phones. You do not need a special phone to access this service - most new phones can access BAS Mobile!

BAS Mobile makes it easy to look up your client's information, get appointment details, view showing feedback, get driving directions to a showing, lookup and call a listing agent, complete a feedback form, approve a showing request, or cancel an appointment if necessary.

BAS Mobile uses the same account you've always used, there is no signing up for this new way to access your account. If you do not know your account login information, contact us.

To access BAS Mobile, just visit on your mobile device's internet browser. A video tutorial on how to maximize BAS Mobile is coming soon.

Please note: While this service is included with, additional access charges may apply from your mobile device provider.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Updated Showing Agent "Types"

We used to have agent types of Buyers, Sellers, and Other. To satisfy the new disclosure rules for real estate, we have updated the list of showing agent types. The new choices are Buyers, Pre-Agency, Sellers, Sub-Agent, and Other. Sellers agent type is only available on your office's listings.

Pre-Agency is now the default choice when setting up an appointment and is the option you should choose if you do not have an agreement signed with your client.

Co-Listing alerts for agents now available

We've added the ability to assign a "co-listing" agent to a listing so that the co-listing agent can receive a copy of any email alerts that are sent out, view the listing calendar, or run a listing activity report. Currently, the co-listing agent cannot modify the listing - only view the listing's information.

To access this setting, just click on "Listings", then click the EDIT icon (far left checkmark icon), and choose the co-listing agent from the drop-down menu.

To view your co-listed listings, just click on the "My Co-Listings" link as indicated in the picture above.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Updated BAS training videos available

We have updated our training videos to more accurately reflect the recent changes to If you need to know how to login into BAS, are having trouble getting started, or just need a refresher - check out the new Training Videos! There is always a link at the bottom of each page in BAS with a link to the videos as well. You must be logged in to view all of the appropriate training videos.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Seller Text Message Alerts!

We have recently added the ability for your sellers to receive text message alerts for showing activity on their listings. They can get a text alert for new showings that are scheduled, updated or rescheduled alerts and when the showing is approved or cancelled.

To set this up for your seller, just click on Clients, then Edit the client you want to enable this for, and set the "Text Alerts" option to YES (You must also have a valid 10 digit cell phone number entered for this client as well).

Your office staff can add this option as well, in addition to the client being able to set this option themselves in their own login account.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Offices: Minimize and Maximize Showings

If you are an office staff member logged into, you have the ability to minimize and maximize showing requests on your home page. What does that mean exactly? Well, when you have a showing request on your home page, it will display all of the information on the screen. But what if you have called the seller, left a message and want to hide that information until they call back?

No problem: just click the bar above the showing request and the information will minimize until you click it again to maximize it. Simple!

Again, this is only for office staff members logged into who manage all the incoming requests for the office. Agents have a different style of account that this information doesn't apply to.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How do I add a showing for another agent?

It happens from time to time - an agent calls you to setup a showing or they were in front of the house, etc. Regardless of the reason, you probably want to make sure that showing gets into so you can track all your listing's appointments and so you can get showing feedback. But how do you do that?

Well its very easy to do - in fact it is almost exactly the same as adding a showing for yourself. The only difference is that you start from your listings page by clicking on the + icon next to the appropriate listing. That will open a new showing appointment form that you can complete for a different agent (don't forget to put in the agent).

What if the date has already passed? No problem - you can enter any appointment in the past like you would normally. The only difference is that the showing alert emails won't get sent out.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Updated website look and features

We've updated our website with an enhanced look to make it easier to find the information you need, contact us, or keep an eye on the lastest blog postings. We've added a section to the right side of the page that will display the last 5 posts to this blog. We've also added a new navigation bar along the top of each page to help you find what you are looking for. It's really the same, just easier now!

Visit BAS at the 2007 DC Midyear Expo #813

We will again be attending the NAR Midyear Expo held in Washington D.C. this year. If you are going to be attending the trade show, please stop by and say hello! We will be in booth #813(floorplan) and we will be showcasing our system, answering questions, and talking to customers. We look forward to (hopefully) seeing you there!

Monday, March 05, 2007 activity for RANWW

We want to thank everyone in the Realtors Association of Northwestern Wisconsin (RANWW) for using! Here are some usage statistics as of Monday, March 5th, 2007 (since June 1st, 2006):

Showings: 23,153

2nd Showings: 782

Final Walk Through: 122

Inspections: 414

Appraisals: 650

Open Houses: 342

Marketing (Advertising, etc): 119

Feedback response rate: 92%

How do we calculate the feedback response rate? Well we add up all the approved showings and 2nd showings and then we add up all the feedback responses that have been sent. So in this case, there were 20,894 approved showings and 19,131 feedback responses for a response rate of roughly 92%! We think that is outstanding compared to all other methods of collecting, organizing, and managing showing feedback.

As you can see, is valuable for managing more than just showings. You can add all your open houses, marketing activities (such as when a listing is on TV or in the paper), inspections, etc. Best of all, your clients can access all of their information anytime they want (if you provide their email address)!