Friday, August 31, 2007

Common showing feedback questions

It seems every day we get questions about how the showing feedback forms work in To help clarify how they work (and explain how our feedback response rates are over 90%...):

1. Feedback forms are sent once each day until they are completed
2. Agents CANNOT reply to the email - you must click on the link provided
3. Completed feedback responses are always available in your BAS Account
4. Did not show the property? Click the form link and then click "did not show"

Every day we get at least several calls from agents stating they've "already completed the feedback form". Most commonly, they've either simply replied to the email (see #2 above) or talked directly to the listing agent and gave verbal feedback. Since BAS has no idea you've done either of these 2 things, the form continues to be sent out. You can either fill out the feedback form (easiest) or let us know and we'll help remove the form for you.

New Testimonial from Ruth Ann

Ruth Ann, an office staff administrator, has written a testimonial about Thanks Ruth Ann! We are always looking for good feedback so feel free to write a testimonial today!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Feedback Form Message Feature

We've added a new feature (at the request of our users) to be able to add a feedback message/comment/question to each listing that will display on the feedback form. You could use this new message box to ask a specific question about the property, ask if the property needs more data sheets or any other question you may have. To access this new feature, just click the edit icon (checkmark) next to the listing on the "Listings" page.

After you've entered a feedback message, it will display on the feedback form automatically for the listing like the sample below.

If you have an idea on how to make BAS work better for you, let us know!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Benefits of BAS from a Broker

Angie Ridley, Broker/Owner of Complete Realty, LLC and a member of the Flint Area Association of Realtors, has written a great blog post on the benefits of from a broker's perspective.

Thanks Angie!