Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Features including advertising tracking

We've added the ability for Agents and Staff to track the advertising for your listings! Simply go through the steps of setting up an appt. on a listing at the time the advertising is to occur and select "Advertising" from the drop down list next to SHOWING TYPE. Add the details of the advertising into the "Agent notes" text box. Click Save!

To see the advertising activity, just run a listing report for any particular listing. You can even filter your search to just see Ad info too.

Even your sellers can see their activity anytime they want. When adding your Seller and their email into BAS, you can attach them to a property by clicking the LISTINGS tab and then using the edit icon (the wrench). This allows your seller the ability to log in to their own account and check any activity on their listing... including showings, feedback, and now advertising.

Over the weekend we also added some big features to the staff areas of BAS and today we made some minor tweaks including:

1. Modified listing reports to include the new advertising appt. types
2. Auto expanding text boxes - now you're able to see everything you're typing in the notes
3. Enhanced the client login areas (did you know ALL your clients can login and see their activity if you want them too?)

Questions about this or any other features of BAS? Let us know!


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