Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Go Go Gadget BAS!

We've released a BAS Gadget for iGoogle so you can integrate your showings, feedback, listings, clients and more into your iGoogle home page. The interface for the iGoogle gadget is the same as our BAS Mobile interface designed for your internet enabled mobile device and is designed for Agents only.

What can you do with BAS Gadget? You can add a new showing, check your schedule (even cancel if needed), check your listings, view and send showing feedback, access your clients, update showing requests, get driving directions and more.

Get the BAS iGoogle Gadget!

Tip: If you are using Internet Explorer, you may need to enable third party cookies for the gadget login to work correctly. To do this, choose tools - options - privacy - advanced button - Check the "Override automatic cookie handling - check Accept under "First-party Cookies", check Accept under "Third-party Cookies", and make sure to check "Always allow session cookies".