Friday, November 07, 2008

A message from a happy agent

We hear from agents that use BAS from time to time and I just wanted to pass this experience along for those that are considering for their Association!

"Our son was playing in a Bloomer Football playoff game on Saturday and we received a call that an agent wanted to setup 2 showings in BookAShowing. Unfortunately, we did not have BAS setup to send a text to the seller's cell phone at that time...if it had been the agent would not have even needed to call!"

"We looked the showings up via the BAS mobile website on the cell phone and they were for the next day. So we then looked up our sellers contact info that is
also on the BAS mobile website (a feature not even available in our MLS mobile site)."

Showing #1
"Sellers also had a son playing in the football game and were there but we were not sure where to find them so we called one of the cell numbers that we had entered in BAS. The sellers knew that we were also at the game and could not believe we were setting this all up right there. They gave the ok and we approved it on the BAS mobile site."

Showing #2
"These sellers were at home so we looked up their info and called them and setup up their showing also. Gave the approval on BAS and went back to watching the game."

"Without BAS mobile it could have easily taken 30 minutes to drive back to the office and get these setup and then drive back to the game. We never missed a bit of the playoff game and our sellers were extremely happy to have plenty of advanced notice. We will let you know if they get an offer!"

"We have another playoff game this Saturday which will be an away game and feel much more at ease knowing that we can set it all up without going back to our office."

"Thank you and keep up the great work!"

Mike and Brenda

If you've got a story to tell, let us know!


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