Monday, April 09, 2007

Latest BAS Enhancements

We've added a few enhancements to to make your overall experience better. We'll touch on each one briefly and if you have more questions, please contact us.

1. WEEKEND MODE. We've added a weekend mode for offices that use an agent as the on-call person on the weekends. By turning this mode on in your office staff account, you can display a (optional) message to showing agents when they setup appointments and/or you can choose an agent to receive the office's requests in their account. We've added a new section to the agent's home page just for this weekend mode:

When this option is turned on, you'll notice a black bar at the top of your office staff account as a reminder to turn weekend mode off after the weekend:

2. SHOWING DEFAULTS. You can now set default settings for any appointment you setup in You can set the length of time for each appointment (defaults to 30 minutes), the agent type, the showing type, the start hour/minute/ampm, and any agent notes you'd like to include for each appointment. Office staff can also set a default buyer name.

3. NEW REPORTS. We've added a couple of new reports including listing analysis and top showing activity. You can access these new reports from the Reports menu option.

4. MORE NUMBERS FOR CLIENTS. We've added fields for additional contact numbers for home, work, cell, and fax for your clients. We've also loosened the restrictions and allow you to type small notes with each number (800-826-7155 BAS HQ). But remember, for client text messages to work, a valid 10 digit cell number ONLY must be present in the client' cell phone number field.

5. ADD ACTIVITY REFRESH. We've updated the activity box to "update in place" so your screen won't jump to the top of the page when you add a new activity.

6. ADD NEW LISTING. Office staff: Have a listing that is not in the MLS system? Now you can add that listing into BAS manually. Just click the "Add Listing" link from the Listings page:


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